Order Online

Thanks so much for checking out our online ordering system via StickyGuide! To place an order click the image below. Each order must contain your full name, and whether or not you are signed up with us as a member. This is so we can look you up in our system, and correlate your order number with your account.

After your order receives verification you will be able to pick it up within 30 minutes or less. As well as be able to skip ahead of the line for in-store orders. If there is a line for online ordering then you will have to wait for the members that placed online orders ahead of you to finish (this almost never happens). All purchasing is done in-store, no purchasing takes place online. Once you come in you can pay for your medicine as soon as you get to your budtender on the bud-floor. If you placed an online order you cannot add items to your order once you are on the bud-floor. If you wish to get an item not listed in your order we can happily check you back in, and you’ll have to wait in line for the next available budtender.

If you aren’t signed up with us as a member doing so is free, extremely quick, and easy! Signing up is done in store, and only takes a few minutes!

We hope that you find everything to be quick, easy, and hassle free with our new online ordering system. Please feel free to give us any feedback you may have, as it is very much so appreciated and helps us continue to accommodate our growing cannabis community.