Starting from the ground up has never resonated to be so true. Hours spent hauling tanks, transplanting, hands rubbing in the dirt and developing a unique system…it’s taken years of mistakes and lessons learned to cultivate in one of the most beautiful places in the California Bay Area. Our intimate staff size plays a huge role in our success. Each player has an important job or skill set that aides us in a phenomenal execution of quality medicinal flowers hitting THC percentages of 36.93% . Locally tested and family-grown, our team of cannabis experts truly love their job as it shows on the retail shelves. Under the management of our Cultivation Director, CannaCruz is a homegrown hub for a variety of exotic strains like Dirty Tangie, Slymer, Wifi Nigerian and Firestorm


“Into the jungle we go These ladies looking so lush! #didyouknow Our cultivation uses Coco Coir instead of other soils. It’s a great alternative that’s compostable, which means less waste”

Digital Microscope

Plant health is SO important! Our cultivation team regularly examines the ladies, every step of the way to ensure quality flowers. Plus we’ve been having a ball with these digital microscopes


Like most farming there are common pests that try to disrupt the growing process of cannabis. A noninvasive, preventative would be the addition of ladybugs (Aka Hippodamia convergens)

Ladybugs are predators of many soft-bodied pest insects  Making live ladybugs a useful addition to most gardens and farms