Exclusive Flower by RB26

Exclusive Flower by RB26

We consistently have the largest selection of high quality, exclusive cannabis flower in Santa Cruz County. Provided to us by local, responsible growers that we take pride in doing business with. RB26 is one of our exclusive growers that is responsible for our multiple award winning 30%+ THC cut of the original “GG4”. As well as many other award winning strains testing above 30% THC, with wonderful terpene profiles to match. If you are looking for the highest caliber of service, and medicinal cannabis, come on in!

RB26 is a brand of ultra-premium cannabis strictly for connoisseurs. Featured on VICE in the article, “The Quest to Grow the World’s Most Powerful Pot”, our products are unrivaled in their potency and consistency.

In less than two years, RB26 has grown from a boutique niche product to a household name in the premium marketplace. Found in the most prestigious locations across California, our products stand out on dispensary shelves by their 30%+ test results and 8 first place awards.

In order to better navigate the tumultuous landscape of the cannabis industry, RB26 holds partnerships with some of the most well-known companies in the industry, including: WeedMapsMassRootsShatterTanksLiving Extracts, and several others. These partnerships expand our audience, client base, and product offerings.

While California provides the largest cannabis market in the United States, it also comes with intense competition, a deeply engrained black market, and unique pricing pressures. To help alleviate those concerns, RB26 was positioned in the premium marketplace, developing a formula to consistently grow the highest quality cannabis in the world.

After years of R&D and hundreds of lab tests (specifically potency and terpene profiles), we’ve been able to consistently deliver results well beyond typical industry averages. Although some companies have achieved similar results on occasion, we always ask,